"I have inscribed you on the palm of My hand."

Isaiah 49:16

Welcome to Shepherd's Heart Counseling, an extension of the pastoral ministry of Rev. Dr. Randy Paige who has been the senior pastor at Christ Church United Methodist in Port Jefferson Station, New York since 1985.

The goal of Shepherd's Heart Counseling is to provide Christ-centered, professional counseling to individuals, couples, families; and to be available to Churches as a consultant.

As a Pastor I have always thought of myself as a practitioner of the soul, helping people identify and fill the God-shaped hole in their heart.

As a Counselor I have always believed that in times of trouble God presents Himself as a strong refuge with a passionate desire to heal and restore His children (Psalm 46:1). Jesus told us when He was returning to the Father that He would send the counselor, the Spirit of truth (John 15:26).

“There is a God-shaped hole in the heart of every human being that

cannot be filled by any created thing but only by God the creator, made

known by Jesus Christ.” Blaise Pascal, 1662

Psyche (Soul) ~ Therapeuo (Healing)

The foundation of Shepherd's Heart Counseling is a commitment to Biblical truth and the integration of clinical excellence.

Counseling appointments are made by phone or e-mail.

Setting: Counseling generally takes place at the Church in the Pastor's office or another private room.

Thank you for visiting this site.

May God be exalted, the Holy Spirit invited, and Jesus Christ be seen in all of our counseling and helping endeavors. If done, clients and parishioners will be blessed and not harmed, their wounds will be healed, their sins forgiven, and they will be given hope for the future. If done, we will participate in a wonderful adventure - one that will likely never grow old or stale - and we fulfill our call to excellence and ethical integrity in Christian counseling.

(American Association of Christian Counselors) www.aacc.net

In Christ, Aways,

Randy Paige 

For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother

and be joined to his wife; and they will become one flesh.

Therefore, what God has joined together let no man separate.

Mark 10:7-7